OSAGO Assistant
The first national superservice
The superservice comes up with a new approach in providing national services online. You no longer have to visit state institutions in person waiting in queues and filling paper sheets.

The app's key aim is to simplify a procedure of submitting road traffic accident and compensation claims. It will take 30 minutes at most to register your claim online, whereas invalid data won't be processed.
The project was launched in 2017 under the auspices of the Bank of Russia and supported by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media to implement a national program "Digital economy".
How it all started
OSAGO Assistant was aimed at
providing simple and convenient way of filing protocols.
monitoring validity of the input data: to pull in data about the accident participants from the unified insurance database and the national services portal.
taking photos of the accident without traffic safety officers which allow to increase the amount of insurance payout to maximum 400,000 rubles.
It's not rocket science, it seemed to us at first.
Since it was not a conventional app but so-called superservice, it required to work on it closely at the level of the government departments and, what is more, to amend legislation.

This preparatory stage lasted for 18 months.
We were the only project contractors to prototype the app, so our responsibilities included developing the idea, writing technical requirments, developing the app and test server, design and QA.

In other words, we gave life to the project.
In June 2018 the prototype was approved and accepted by the Bank of Russia.
At the beginning of 2019 the project was passed on to the Russian Association of Motor Insurers whose further objective was to improve the app and eventually put it into service.
How the project was accepted
On July 24, 2019 the Government Commission Presidium approved the superservice for registering road traffic accident claims online, whereas the neccesary changes were made in law. After that we started to develop a viable version of the app. The app was to be released on November 1, 2019.
We had 4 months to finalize the prototype. First of all, integration with external services required total reworking, as the backend of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers varied significantly from the test server. The scope and processing of output data have been changed considerably.
Besides, the app needed additional functionality and new logic of interaction with several systems which we were supposed to develop further.
We imlemented generation of a QR-code which contains a link to the national services portal for the second accident participant to easily log in and enter missing data.
Customized camera doesn't interact with any data repository, it encrypts photos and guarantees that the photos are taken on the accident site.
The project approval came upward: at first it was accepted within our team, then by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers and finally in the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. Our collegues from LANIT and RTLabs, who were in charge of the backend and integration with the national services portal, were engaged in the approval process together with us. Overall up to 25 people took part in this procedure.
We are not going to bore you with the functionality description. You'd better watch a 10 minute video where we explain in detail how to register a road traffic accident claim in the app.
What have we got?
The OSAGO Assistant mobile app was launched in the tightest timeframe, which proved that all the project contractors collaborated effectively. The superservice involves a complex technical interaction of bases which was implemented smoothly. We continue to refine all the processes and expect to expand the functionality as well as to make the app even more user-friendly.
Aleksei Samoshin, IT Director of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers
According to the statistics, over 50% of traffic road accidents are registered without traffic safety officers. The OSAGO Assistant app significantly reduced the time required to register road traffic claims for hundreds of thousands car owners involved in the accidents.