The premium network of fitness clubs World Class aims to provide its customers with the best quality of services: from the qualification of staff and trainers to digital services. Therefore, it was inevitable to create the mobile app for clients.

The task was to create a mobile application that would be convenient for users and effective for the company. Customers will be able to directly manage all the services of the club, and the company will cut support costs and receive a direct channel of communication with customers.
With the mobile application, you can at any time:

  • Enter for personal training and spa
  • Manage account balance
  • Buy and freeze club cards
  • Control the schedule
  • Activate guest visits
  • Rent a locker and more
Thus, now the application provides about 10 000 calls every month, covering 1600 records per workout per month, 50% of all freezing cards.

Also, almost 100% of payment passes through a mobile application and auto-cash offices installed in clubs. Therefore, soon in World Class you will not find cashiers
— Daria Vasilieva, head of the World Class digital-direction