Sweet Life is one of the leaders in the distribution market. Widely uses the latest logistics and IT technologies.

In the distribution company there is nothing more important than «field» sales. It's automation is one of the most important tasks for the IT department.

Colleagues from the Sweet Life have set us the task: to create a stable and functional mobile application to increase the efficiency and control the sales representatives work.
The application is a «thick client», which completely repeats the functionality and logic of the server part. This enable users to work absolutely in any conditions regardless on network coverage. All the work is automatically transferred to the server after connecting to the Internet, creating up-to-date information about the balances in the warehouse.
An intuitive interface of forms was developed: the process of product selection, target-list, sales history, catalog, must-list, planogram, specification, set by article — now all these forms are made in a single structure and are called in one click. During development we have achieved important quality indicators such as fast synchronization speed, minimum battery power consumption.
Benefits for field vendors are obvious, but also applications help the company itself. For example, they allow you to track the location of staff, communicate with employees in chats, as already said before — instantly receive information about sales, organize customer support, create in-depth analytics about inventory and orders
— Aleksey Shoshin, leading developer of the company «Sweet Life Plus»