Improve users' sleep quality with smart devices and mobile technologies.
Mobile application to improve the quality of sleep

Askona sleep
We formed a team of 9 people, they were immersed in the project from the very beginning.

On the client side, there was only a project manager.
This is our first case, where we've used a product managment approach.
Innovation and Applications Manager, Ascona Group
Elena Kazmina
Nox Smart
Sleep Light
Smart Pillow
Sleep Dot
Nox Aroma
Ergomotion 633
Of the many smart devices used in the bedroom, we have selected three of the most popular for the MVP version of the application.
The project started in early November 2019
counts the respiratory rate, pulse and number of movements of a person in a dream
Smart Pillow
A sensor that measures temperature, humidity and monitors the time to fall asleep
Sleep Dot
Bed base Ergomotion.
It can be controlled - to change the angle of inclination of the sections and adjust the intensity of the massage.
Based on the results of which, we received feedback from the customer and made a list of tasks for the next sprint.

This allowed us to flexibly manage the functionality of the project: test the work of new functions and evaluate how they improve the product.

Based on the feedback from users, we constantly added a certain value to the product, only the best features: recommendations, reports, instructions for customers.
Sergey Soldatov
Product Director
We worked on Scrum in two week sprints
Design takes a special place in the project. We have worked on animations of heartbeat, breathing, scoring indicator, charting.
Designers and analysts have worked out the logic of work and navigation. Combining control of multiple devices in an application turned out to be a difficult but interesting task. We studied user experience outside of the application.
How they sleep on these pillows, how they turn them on and off, what problems arise on the devices, and what difficulties there may be in the settings. We also figured out the limitations of the device - for example, how to work out the situation when the battery in the device is low and the application cannot interact with it.

We decided that the application will ask the device for the charge level and display it in the card of each device. If the charge is low, the indicator will appear on the main screen of the application, next to the name of the device, so that the user can charge it in time.
We have thoroughly researched how people interact with the device.
Project Manager
Alexandra Lapina
The first version of Askona Sleep is already available to users. Now we are actively collecting feedback from users and based on it, we are building a further strategy for product development. New releases coming soon!