Absolute Insurance.Health app is an accessible and user-friendly tool to manage your voluntary health insurance policy. With its help users can get direct access to any required information without contacting insurance office or standing in a queue. Meanwhile the insurance company provides qualified customer support, relieve pressure on their call centers, enhance competitiveness of the product in the market of corporate voluntary health insurance policies, thus increasing the business profitability.
Key Features
Quick access to necessary information
We stopped using the main screen as an advertising platform and made it as informative as possible. It contains only important information about advantages of the client's insurance program.
Despite the fact that the application was created only for the voluntary health insurance policy users, it allows to learn information about other insurance policies that users have got in Absolute Insurance.
Clients are always aware of personal promotions and bonuses from the insurance company and its partners.
Search for clinics using maps, ratings and reviews
According to statistics, patients, who are looking for a clinic, choose from the two key factors: its location and the level of service. The app users can get all that information at once. Rating of each clinic is displayed on the same screen with the map.

Ratings are compiled basing on customer feedback and expertise of the Absolute Insurance company.
View visits and confirm services provided
In the app you can find information about all your visits to the clinic. Users can confirm their visits and services provided. It helps the insurance company to eliminate false or intentional write-offs.

If a client needs a consultation with the insurance company specialist, they can ask their question in a chat and quickly get an answer. The chat significantly relieves pressure on the call centers. The insurance company offers customers to assess quality of the services in the application. Their feedback is later used to improve the service.
Project in numbers
  • 9 months
    From start to release
  • 14 members
    of the project team
About the client
Absolute Insurance has been operating in the market since 1992 and has a very high reliability rating (ruA +). The company is a universal insurer offering a wide range of insurance programs for private and corporate clients.
Coordination with experienced and well-organized team of 65apps has contributed greatly to the success of the Absolute Insurance.Health project. Their developers' qualification and high-level technical expertise of their project managers enabled us to finish this complicated project from the ground up without delay. Their leadership, persistence and unconventional approach to the tasks helped to find ingenious and optimal solutions.

We are contented that we found a partner who complies with our demanding requirements and high standard of IT competence and who is able to listen and adapt to the changing conditions. We are willing to continue our cooperation and to plan new projects together with the 65apps team!
Vladimir Korchebny
Project Manager, Absolute Insurance